Medicare rebate:
​$74.80 per 50-minute session

(Up to 10 sessions per year; requires GP mental health care plan; gap fee payable depending on income)

Standard fee:       
$150 per 50-minute session

- $74.80 Medicare rebate*
= $75.20 gap fee     

(Annual personal income $55,000 above)

Concessional fee: 
$110 per 50-minute session

- $74.80 Medicare rebate*
= $35.20 gap fee

(Employed, annual personal income less than $55,000)

Bulk-bill: no charge

(Unemployed or on Centrelink benefits; have GP Medicare mental health care plan)​

* Medicare rebates are only payable by counsellors who are approved and registered to provide focused psychological services by Medicare.

Fees & ReBATES

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Atrium Psychology aims to offer affordable counselling to all people who need it. Our fee structure is based on your income and ability to pay.

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